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Cake Coma with Bloom Cake Co.

I ate cake for breakfast this morning.  Not sure if this is something I’m proud of or not, but it is what it is.  There is way too much cake in my fridge at the moment.  I think it’s time to freeze some, otherwise I may just double my weight by next wedding season.
As you...

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Happy 1st Birthday Jalen !!!

Today is a special day.
One year ago today, Jalen entered our lives.  I simply cannot believe we have reached his one year birthday.  Unbelievable.
As with all the kids birthdays, we go through all our gazillion family photos and put together some sort of slideshow to watch together.  When we sift through all the images, you...

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Happy 3rd Birthday Brandon !

My sweet little Brandon turns 3 today !!! My goodness, how time flies.  He has grown so much (inside and out) in the last year.  I think he is definitely benefiting having an older brother in Ethan.  Ethan is showing him the ropes you can say.  I think it helps that they go to pre-school...

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